Announcing, PollDaal

As many people know, I have been working on a project by the name of PollDaal. I’d like to announce, today, I’ve made enough to give a demo of this project.


I started working on it a couple of months ago and made the site live on 11th November 2012 for the first time. The initial version of site allowed you to make an account and ask questions to your peers. All the questions were listed on the front page and that is how it worked. Not the most elegant design, I agree, but it let me do stuff and ask people for response. Gotta agree, I learned quite a bit. After my exams got over, I came back to Jaipur and started working seriously on it. After two days, I had gotten so far as to enable full featured embedding in to sites and blogs (like this!). Here is one example question :

After that, I pitched it to some of the people who I thought would like to use this kind of service. Response was generally positive, but this did not solve the problem which I really wanted to solve, remove the length of surveys and show one question at a time.

I don’t know about others, but seeing so many questions just overwhelms me! I just leave it. Even the emails containing a link of Survey Monkey get my rejection on the first look. Thus, looking at all these matters, I tried to make a survey widget which shows one question at a time. Here is how it looks :

So, right now, I am looking for people who can provide feedback to this. Should I continue with development? What features will you like to be added? Is it something valuable? Let me know in the comments below or on my twitter. Thanks! :)


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  • Shobhit Bakliwal

    Discussion on Hackerstreet

  • Lucky Murari

    For multiple questions, it will be helpful if we know our progress.. Otherwise, I might just end the survey seeing the first two questions

    • Shobhit Bakliwal

      Won’t that defeat the purpose of many questions? You don’t necessarily need to take full survey at one go. It allows you to restart survey from that point where you left if you close the window. Try it, Go incognito, answer just one question, open a new tab and close the previous one and open the site again, you’ll see the second question and not the first!

      • Lucky Murari

        As a user, I would like to know what I am in for before filling the survey – there needs to be an incentive/information about how big it is.

  • Anurag Prasad

    This is something great. I would love to have a network out there where I can see what my peers are doing. So it should be something like a News Feed.

  • Jay Singh

    Hi Shobit,

    Congratulations on your first product launch. Will head to the site to check it out.

    Keep up the good work



  • Motyar